Ball mounter
  • Wafer


  1. In-line micro-ball mounter and inspection/repair system greatly improves productivity.
  2. Fully automated production from wafer feeding to wafer removal without touching the wafer.
  3. Parallel processing of each process improves productivity.
  4. Supports reflow integration in accordance with customer processes
  5. Compatible with silicon wafers and molded wafers.
  6. Supports SECS/GEM, OHT, AGV (option)


Wafer size

8, 12 [inch]

Ball dia.

φ50 ~ φ300[μm]

Min. ball pitch

90 [μm] (φ50 [μm] ball)

Machine alignment accuracy

±25 [μm]

Dimensions (W x D x H)

9,030 x 2,190 x 1,650 [mm]


Approx. 6,600 [kg]

Loader, unloader

Open cassette, FOUP compatible


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