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About provacu policy

Privacy Policy

Definition of Personal Information

In this Policy, "personal information" refers to information about a living individual, including but not limited to, name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, workplace, and any other information that can identify a specific individual.

Method of Personal Information Acquisition

When users use the inquiry form or entry form, the Company will collect the following information. The collection and use of personal information by the Company are based on the voluntary provision by the user, and the user is considered to have consented to the use of the provided personal information in accordance with this policy.
Inquiry form: Company name, name of person, email address, telephone number
Entry form: Name, email address, telephone number, information provided in the resume and curriculum vitae

Purpose of Personal Information Use

The Company will use the personal information obtained from users for the following purposes:

  • To provide support and assistance for various inquiries from users
  • To evaluate the eligibility of applicants in the Company's recruitment activities
Measures to Safely Manage Personal Information

The Company will implement necessary and appropriate supervision of employees to ensure the secure management of personal information, aiming to avoid risks such as loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information.

Outsourcing and Joint Use of Personal Information

In the course of performing business activities, such as providing services to users, the Company may disclose some personal information to external contractors. In such cases, appropriate supervision will be conducted to ensure that the external contractors handle personal information appropriately.

Third-Party Provision of Personal Information

Unless otherwise specified by laws and guidelines, the Company will not provide personal information to third parties without the user's consent.

Disclosure and Correction of Retained Personal Information

When requested by the individual for the disclosure of personal information, the Company will promptly disclose it to the individual. In the case of a request for correction or deletion of provided personal information, the Company will promptly address it after confirming the individual's identity.

About Cookies

A cookie is data sent from a web server to a web browser. By referencing cookies, a web server can identify the user's computer, allowing efficient use of the Company's website. The files sent as cookies by the Company's website do not contain information that identifies an individual. It is possible to disable cookies by adjusting your web browser settings.

Contact for Personal Information Handling

For questions, uncertainties, or other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by the Company, please contact us via the inquiry form.

Establishment and Revision Dates of the Privacy Policy: December 20, 2023

While we strive for the accuracy of the information on our website, the Company assumes no responsibility for any actions taken by users based on the information on the Company's website. The Company disclaims any responsibility for damage incurred by users or damage caused by users to third parties through the use of the Company's website.

Copyrights and Image Rights

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