Factory of the Future 限界を超える技術で向上の未来を創る。

Create Future Arts

In our manufacturing, "Future Arts" refers to technology that serves as a bridge from the present to the future. Through the creation of Future Arts, we aim to contribute to a prosperous society by expanding the possibilities of our customers' businesses.



Ball mounter Ball

The equipment is used to array micro solder balls, which serve as electrical signal pathways, on wafers and substrates. High throughput productivity has been succeessfully achived by adopting our unique technology. End products are intended for DC, HPC and 5G related devices.


Bonding Bonding

A wide range of flip chip bonders and die bonders are lined up.(from R&D to mass production)
These bonding machines feature hign accuracy and high throughput for various bonding processes and application such as Photonix, LD and Image sensor.


Custom Custom

Elemental technologies have been cultivated since the corporate establishment. These technologies allow us to continuously develop new machines and respond to diverse customer requirements while ensurig safety and realiability.



Our company was established in 1988 as a specialized firm in the production of automation and labor-saving equipment. Since then, leveraging the accumulated technical expertise, we have been contributing to the automation of factories as a group of engineers connecting the present and the future.


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