Ball mounter
  • Substrate


  1. High-speed image processing system and uniquely developed repair unit enable reliable ball repair.
  2. Image processing system that can keep up with the expansion of C4 area due to the increase in package size.
  3. Micro-ball inspection and repair system for a wide range of applications from strip to panel-size substrates.
  4. Compatible with SECS/GEM and AGV (option)


Substrate size (W x L)

60×100 ~ 260×300 [mm]

Ball dia.

φ50 ~ φ300 [μm]

Min. ball pitch

90 [μm] (φ50[μm]ball)

Machine alignment accuracy

±15 [μm]

Dimensions (W x D x H)

3,065 x 1,700 x 1,650 [mm]


Approx. 3,200 [kg]


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