Elemental Technology of Athlete FA

The technical feature of athlete FA is not just to sell high speed and high precision.
We have the comprehensive ability to create systems
that utilize elemental technologies according to customer specifications.
Select and design elemental technologies that are fast, highly accurate,
and easy to handle for the work that the customer envisions.
With high-precision processing and assembly, we will finally complete the equipment
that meets the customer's specifications.

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    In the ubiquitous era, mobile devices (PCs, smartphones, etc.) that we are using have a wide range of demands for higher functionality, including lighter weight and thinner size due to miniaturization.
    "Ball-Mounting Technology" is the main technology for forming electrodes of electronic components, which is the basis of this.
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    "Image Processing Technology" is a technology that accurately processes and judges images captured by cameras and lenses that are dozens of times more powerful than the human eyesight.
    This technology is indispensable for high-precision positioning and inspection in various devices.
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    In the case of high precision bonding, it is often required in micron-scale accuracy.
    "Positioning Technology" is available only when the mechanical body, which is not easily affected by vibration, and the control units that control the operation of the device, are fused with each other.
Ball-Mounting Technology
Image Processin Technology
Positioning Technology
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    When joining objects, there are various methods such as applying heat to melt the solvent and joining, or using an adhesive to bond objects without applying heat.
    Among various joining conditions, "Bonding Technology" derives the optimum conditions and joining objects to each other.
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    When joining parts, some parts will crack if you try to join them with a strong force, while others will peel off immediately if you do not join them with a necessary force.
    In order to solve this problem, "Load Control Technology" is a technology that enables joining while always balancing the forces under the optimum conditions.
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    Most of the time when joining, heat is applied. High-quality products cannot be made without reliable bonding.
    "Temperature Control Technology" is a technology that accurately raises (cools) the temperature to a set temperature and controls the temperature distribution uniformly.
Bonding Technology
Load Control Technolody
Temperature Control Technology
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    The "Ultrasonic Technology" is removing the oxide film and dirt on the bonding interface using a frequency of about 40 [Khz].
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    It is a large loss of time and money to perform trial and error on an actual machine in order to complete a highly complicated device.
    We are striving to improve the accuracy and speed of equipment by making full use of structural analysis, heat transfer analysis, mechanism analysis, and fluid analysis technologies.
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    A well-made program is essential for the machine to operate accurately. They are then programmed for each function and finally combined into a single sequence to control movement.
    "Control Technology" is a technology that operates as the designer intended and brings out 100% of the performance.
Ultrasonic Technology
Analysis Technology
Control Technolody