TAB System

TAB technology that we nurtured through assembling of precision machines flowered
by virtue of a growth of LCD and the birth of COF.

TAB/COF Potting System


TAB/COF Potting System AS-1000

 Standard system after MS-1890

Further improvement from standard MS-1890.
Collect customer's request abundantly
and realizes to provide user-friendly and low cost system.

2 Lanes 8 Heads TAB/COF Potting System


2 Lanes 8 Heads TAB/COF Potting System AS-2000

 Independent 2 lanes 8 heads, which is only one in the world,
     realizes overwhelming productivity.

AS-2000, which is only one in the world, achieves productivity and small-footprint.
It is 1.35 times footprint than MS-1890 and increase 2.2 times productivity.
Taking advantage of top share maker, the system was manufactured by hearing with customers.

  • 1. Independent 2 lanes realize to set different application conditions
      and cure oven temperature profiles.
  • 2. Stable and quick tape feeding is realized without jamming.
  • 3. Enable to do automatic correction of bend needles and eccentric dispense,
      which make it possible to realize hyperacute dispensing.
  • 4. As an option, Pertier temperature control units can be installed
      into all application heads.

TAB/COF Marking System


TAB/COFマーキングシステム MS-1910

 The simultaneous printing of plural character for slim sized TAB or COF
     increases furthre productivity.

  • 1. 2 sets of image recognition units for printing inspection are incorporated
  • 2. Unique conveyance and positioning method ensuer the accuracy
      of the precise positioning for printing


  Target components
  Tape width   35mm, 48mm, 70mm
  Tape width   1×1 ~ 20×20[mm]
  Reel diameter   φ620[mm]
  Marking method   Rubber stanp
  Inspection method   Pattern matching
  Vacuum source   Built-in vacuum
  Power requirements   AC200V ±10% 50/60kHz 3kHz
  Dimesions (W×D×H)   3,300×850×1,950[mm]
  Weight   Approx. 1,500[kg]

TAB Laser Marking System


TAB Laser Marking System MS-1900L / MS-1900GL

 An amalgam of the latest laser and experienced TAB technology

  • 1. Achieve printing time with 1.2 seconds/IC
  • 2. Keep a stable printing quality without being influenced by outer factors


  Target components
  Tape specifications   35mm, 48mm, 70mm
  Chip size   1×1 ~ 20×20[mm]
  Reel diameter   φ620[mm]
  Application range (X×Y)   100×50[mm]
  Tape positioning accuracy   ±50[μm]
  Laser head   YAG Laser(Class 4)
  Processing capacity   1.2 sec/IC (Reference level)
  Air source   0.49MPa (5kgf/cm2)
  Power requirements   200VAC 3phase 50/60Hz 1.5kVA
  Dimensions (W×D×H)   3,450×1,350×2,100[mm]
  Weight   Approx. 1,600[kg]

TAB Cutting System


TAB Cutting System MS-1750II

 Achieves fully automated operation-from TAB cutting to pallet alignment.

  • 1. Incorporates unique precision die-making technology developed
      for watch components
  • 2. Accommodates forming
  • 3. Microcomputer controlled for fully automated operation
  • 4. Automatic compensation for tape feed errors


  Target components
  Material   Kapton and Ubilex : 50, 75, 125[μm]
  Tape specifications   35mm, 48mm, 70mm
  Reel diameter   φ405[mm]
  Cutting section
  Pressing force   Approx. 400 [kg] max.
  Punching accuracy   Baced on sproket hole ± 0.05[mm]
  Tray transport
  Tray size   300×200×10[mm]
  Stock   20 layers
  Pitch feed   AC servomotor drive
  Other specifications
  Air source   0.49 MPa (5 kgf / cm2
  Vacuum source   Built-in vacuum generator (vacuum pump possible)
  Power requirements   200 VAC 3phase 50/60kHz 4 kVA
  Dimensions (W×D×H)   1,500×1,245×1,750[mm]
  Weight   Approx. 1,300[kg]

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