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Athlete FA Corporation provides variety of factory automation system such as semiconductor assembly equipment.


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Factory automation engineering Development, design, manufacture, and marketing of high-precision mounting and assembly systems for fields such as office equipment, semiconductors, electronic parts, automobiles, and communications equipment Design, manufacture, and marketing of automation equipment.


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Technology introduction

Technology Feature of Athlete FA

・Most feature of Athlete FA technology is not just high speed or precise, but total power to create system to meet customer’s requirement which is needed to use elemental technology.

・Athlete FA selects and designs easy-handled high speed and precise elemental technology to meet customer’s ideal operation. At last, the equipment which met customer’s specification is completed by precise process and assembly.


Athlete FA’s Proud Element Technologies

  Microelectronics requires highly sophisticated functions, where devices must be compact, lightweight and reliable. To meet all these demanding needs, semiconductor and applied technologies continue to develop at a remarkable speed.
  Under such circumstances, semiconductor manufacture and assembly processes must quickly respond to higher precision and keep up with the requirements of stable mounting technologies, not to mention the enhancement of overall productivity andreliability.
  Athlete FA stands ready to meet these requirements, giving full play to our wealth of element technologies.
Our quick response to the latest developments in semiconductor packages and realization of fully automated flip-chip mounting with ultrafine precision represent our endeavors to develop a variety of superb automation systems. Thus, we continue to offer engineering solutions, answering to customers who seek semiconductor integration and packaging of even greater density.
  However, we are not content with merely injecting new technologies into our products. What we emphasize above all is a guarantee that we always maintain stable manufacture by securing product safety and reliability at the highest possible level.

Elemental technology of Athlete FA


We meet exact customer needs by combining our sophisticated element technologies



Positioning Technology

Positioning is the technology that enables 1/1000mm (μm) level high-precision bonding (packaging). It is imperative that the bonder proper has a structure insusceptible to vibrations while its control part, which governs movements of the equipment, is supported by a control technology.


Load Control Technology

“Load Control Technology” is used to enable ideal bonding of parts by maintaining a balance of forces under optimum conditions.


Loading control technology


Bonding Technology

There are various bonding methods, such as applying heat to melt a solvent or using an adhesive. “Bonding Technology” is used to bond things by identifying an optimal one from the diverse bonding conditions.


Bonding technology


Ultrasonic Technology

This is the bonding technology uses 40khz ‒or‒so frequency to remove oxidized film and stairs formed on the bonded interface.


Ball Mounting Technology

In this era of IoT, mobile devices are becoming more and more compact and thinner with diverse sophisticated functions.“Ball-Mounting Technology” plays a vital role enabling electrode formation of these electronic parts.


Ball mounting technology


Temperature Control Technology

Heat is applied in most cases of bonding. “Temperature Control Technology” governs correctly heating (or cooling) things to the preset temperature and maintains uniform distribution of temperatures.


Temperature control technology


Image Processing Technology

“Image Processing Technology” refers to the technology with functions most capable of accurately judging and processing images that have been captured. Highly advanced technology is also used at this time to illuminate the images, making them easy to be seen.


Image processing technology


Control Technology

Programs must be created correctly in order to operate a machine properly. “Control Technology” ensures that the designer’s intentions are programmed exactly as designed to allow the machine to exhibit its performance capabilities to the fullest.


Production Engineering Technology

“Production Engineering Technology”is employed to establish an overall production management system to meet the all customer’s specific requirements.


Carrier Technology

“Carrier Technology” is used to securely carry a wide variety of items ‒ differing in size from hardly visible ultra-small parts to ultra-thin parts as thin as 50μm to large-size substrates one meter on each side ‒ from one process to the next.


Tape feeding technology


Dispense Technology

In some processes, parts are bonded by coating them in various ways using a variety of solvents “Dispensing Technology” is used to secure a stable amount of solvent for perfect coating.


Automation Technology

“Automation Technology” plays a vital role in identifying an optimal combination of these elements and putting them together into a system to meet the particular customer or product’s exact requirements.