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Solar cell production experimental system

RF magnetron sputtering system with LL chamber(For R&D purpose)


Target components
System configurationFilm-forming chamber
Sputtering methodUpper & lower sputter
Sputtering sourceφ3in×4(exchanging method)
Substrate sizeMAX □65.5mm(2.5in)
Accession vacuumLess than 7.0×10E-5[Pa]
Exhaust time10minで4.0×10-4[Pa]
Exhaust operation methodAuto(Full-auto)/Manual
Sputter operation methodAuto(Full-auto)/Manual
Exhaust systemTurbo-molecular pump
RF power source500[W]
Substrate heating temperatureMAX 300[℃]



  1. 1.Efficient sputtering with RF magnetron method.
  2. 2.Multilayer file by Auto and possible to film-form in room temperature to 300℃
  3. 3.Constant clean film-forming chamber with load lock chamber.
  4. 4.Possible for sputtering by magnetic and nonmagnetic (Depending on condition)
  5. 5.Able to confirm condition by operation panel.
  6. 6.Proper for R & D due to low cost by simple structure.





■RF magnetron sputtering equipment with gas reaction chamber.

Sputtering chamber and reaction chamber are separated, and there is no contact with reactivity gas during film-forming. It is able to keep clean environment.
It is an equipment for experiment to film-form chemical compound type solar cell by both auto and manual operation.

Co-development with Hashimoto, Myo laboratory at Shinshu university,
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.



Target components
System configurationSputtering chamber + Gas reaction chamber
Accession vacuumLess than 6.0×10E-5[Pa]
Exhaust time4.0×10-4[Pa] / 10 min
Exhaust operation methodManual / Auto
Exhaust systemTurbo-molecular pump
Substrate heating temperatureMAX 800[℃]
Gas heating temperatureMAX 1000[℃]
Vaporizing temperatureMAX 400[℃]
Needle valve operation methodManual / Auto
Needle heating temperatureMAX 200[℃]



  1. 1.Possible to heat up gas supply part up to 1000℃
  2. 2.Possible for gas reaction with other element by depending on specification