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Athlete FA Corporation provides variety of factory automation system such as semiconductor assembly equipment.


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Factory automation engineering Development, design, manufacture, and marketing of high-precision mounting and assembly systems for fields such as office equipment, semiconductors, electronic parts, automobiles, and communications equipment Design, manufacture, and marketing of automation equipment.


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Custom-Made System

We can produce custom-made systems based on customer specifications for such advanced applications as semiconductor mounting and precision assembly. We have already established a track record in the fields of Hi-Vision, car electronics, communications equipment, and computer-related products, and these custom systems have earned us a reputation as a solutions provider in a diverse range of mechatronics applications.


Custom-Made FA System Example Eutectic Die Bonder

Custom-Made FA System Example Eutectic Die Bonder


Recent years have seen an increase in the use of bonding which makes use of eutectic reactions. Athlete FA is involved in a large number of system types, ranging from die bonding systems which use conventional epoxy adhesives to eutectic die bonders.
This system, a eutectic die bonder for use in assembly, fully automates the following processes.


  1. Stem direction setting by means of a stem direction aligning unit.
  2. Chip direction setting on an alignment stage with an image processing unit.
  3. Mounting of the stem on the bonding stage.
  4. Cutting of Au-Si ribbon solder to the required length and feed onto the top of the stem.
  5. Bonding of the stem and chip by means of a eutectic reaction.
  6. After a continuity inspection, store finished products to the pallet.


Custom-Made FA System Example IC Card Assembly System

Custom-Made FA System Example IC Card Assembly System


IC cards range from simple types which have only a single chip mounted onto them to intelligent types which include a large number of memory devices, so that there is no standard assembly machine that can handle all types. AthleteFA custom-made systems are in use in many electronics manufacturers who need to assembly such cards.
This system is an IC memory card assembly system which fully automates the following processes.


  1. Feed of frames onto the conveyor.
  2. Thermal bonding of the front panel onto the frame.
  3. Frame flip-over and thermal bonding of a substrate loaded with ICs.
  4. Thermal application of an insulating flim to the substrate.
  5. Thermal bonding of the rear panel.


Custom-Made FA System Example Hybrid IC Assembly System

Custom-Made FA System Example Hybrid IC Assembly System


Athlete FA has a wide-ranging know-how and an established track record in developing system for meeting specific customer requirements in such fields as hybrid ICs for use in vehicles, communications equipment, and TV.
This system is a hybrid IC assembly system which fully automates the following processes.


  1. Setting of the heatsink onto the conveyor fixture.
  2. Pickup of diodes and transistors from a water and mounting them onto the heatsink.
  3. Feed of aluminum pads by a parts feeder and mounting of the pads.

    ●After the reflow of the above subassembly part and mount it together with bare chips onto the substrate


Examples of Other Custom-Made FA Systems

  • HEMT test system
  • MMIC test system
  • IC test handler
  • Ceramic substrate bonding system
  • COB mounting system
  • Inserter for differently shaped parts
  • Semiconductor sensor assembly system
  • Vehicular-use power module assembly system
  • Communications LED chip eutectic bonder
  • Cleanroom system
  • Applied pattern recognition system
  • Lens assembly system