Athlete FA Corporation

Athlete FA Corporation provides variety of factory automation system such as semiconductor assembly equipment.


2970-1 Shiga, Suwa City, Nagano 392-0012, Japan
TEL:0266-53-3369 FAX:0266-58-1755


Business Lines

Factory automation engineering Development, design, manufacture, and marketing of high-precision mounting and assembly systems for fields such as office equipment, semiconductors, electronic parts, automobiles, and communications equipment Design, manufacture, and marketing of automation equipment.


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  Athlete FA Corporation was established in 1988 as a manufacturer dedicated to factory automation. Ever since then, our company has contributed to advances in factory automation for our industrial customers by fully meeting their expectations through the provision of leading-edge FA technologies.
  Our operations evolve around three keywords:Advance, Accuracy, and Assembly ‒ three aspects of our ongoing challenges toward unlimited expectations in manufacturing.
  By the term FA, we mean not only “Factory Automation” but also “Future Arts” referring to future-looking technologies. Yes, we are a group of experts proposing technologies vitally needed in the future. Taking advantage of such technologies and expertise, we support our customers in meeting challenges of unexplored frontiers of technology. We regard it as our foremost mission.




Company Profile

Name Athlete FA Corporation
Exectives Akira Yamazaki, Chairman
Susumu Yamazaki, President & CEO
Location 2970-1 Shiga, Suwa City, Nagano 392-0012, Japan
Business Lines Factory automation engineering Development, design, manufacture, and marketing of high-precision mounting and assembly systems for fields such as office equipment, semiconductors, electronic parts, automobiles, and communications equipment Design, manufacture, and marketing of automation equipment.
Inauguration September 1, 1988
Establishment March 1, 1989
Capital 85,800,000 yen
Customers 【国内取引先】

Amkor Technology
Infineon Technologies
Micron Technology,Inc
NEPES Corporation
Texas Instruments Inc
Associated company Athlete Automation Equipment (Shanhai) co., ltd
Banks Hachijuni Bank (Suwa Branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank (Suwa Branch)
Shoko Chukin Bank (Suwa Branch)
Nagano Bank (Suwa Branch)
Suwa Shinkin Bank (Iijima Branch)


Management Principle

We at Athlete FA create “Future Arts”


Management Policy

To promote the “Future Arts” creation we ...


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1. Create customer value

We aim to become a highly trusted company responding to customers with vitally needed technologies.


1. Focus on technologies

Establishment of high-performance “Element Technologies.”
Development of highly efficient “Engineering Technologies.”
Enhancement of highly sensitive “Marketing.”


1. Strive for improvement with a broad view

We strive to improve to enhance our value while broadening our horizons to perform our duties effectively and efficiently.


Environmental policy

We, Athlete FA that is the maker who is the developer, the designer and the manufacture for Semiconductor assembling and packaging equipment and Electric component assembling equipment, will target the harmony between company activities and earth environment, will take the positive action towards the good use of natural resources and the prevention from environmental pollution and will take the social responsibility as a good corporation.

1. We will establish the environmental objective and the environmental target within the range that is available technically and economically so that we can improve the environmental effect continuously. We, especially, will cope with the save of natural resources and electric power and separating and disposing of the wastes as well as the development and the fabrication of the products which match the environment.

2. We will follow the legal regulations and rules and will try our best to prevent from the pollution.

3. Our top management will review the status and will execute the environmental inspection every year so that we can improve the system of the environmental management drastically.


Company History

1988 Established with paid-in capital of 20 million yen.
Camera lens assembly system launched.
1989 Multi-die bonder (MS-3000) launched.
New corporate headquarters building and factory completed.
TAB cutting system (MS-1700) launched.
Inaugural participation in Semicon Japan trade show.
1990 COB potting system (MS-1820) launched.
IC card test handler launched.
1991 Twin-head TAB potting system(MS-1850T) launched.
「Athlete」trademark adopted.
TAB marking system(MS-1900) launched.
Eutectic die bonder launched.
Flip-chip bonder(CB-1000)sold outside for the first time in industry.
1992 Chip bonder for communications LCD launched.
Man-machine visual interface「MAT」developed.
Cell PCB automatic soldering line (MTB-400) sold outside for the first time in industry.
1993 ACF application system(MTB-1000)launched.
1994 Dual-head TAB potting system(MS-1870D)launched.
Low-cost flip-chip bonder(CB-500)developed.
1995 Cell-PCB automatic ACF joining system (MTB-4100)launched.
Fully automated ACF flip-chip mounting line(CB-2000)launched.
Small-diameter ball mounting system(BA-1000)launched - an industry first.
1996 Capital increased to 81.8 million yen.
Flip-chip bonder(CB-1700)geared for mass production launched.
1997 Micro-ball mounter launched.
1998 Flip-chip bonder(CB-1750)launched.
afer-compatible BGA ball mounting system(BA-1100W)launched - an industry first.
1999 3-syringe TAB potting system(MS-1880DⅢ)launched.
BGA ball mounting system with upsized head(BA-1100)launched.
Headquaters building doubled in size, clean room and truck yard added.
2000 Company renamed Athlete FA Corporation.
2001 Capital increased to 85.8 million yen.
Employee Stock Ownership Society established.
COF-compatible TAB potting system(MS-1890DⅢ)awarded "Good Design Prize."
Cerficated to ISO 9001.
2002 Ultrasonic bonding system developed.
Shaghai Office established.
Cerficated to ISO 14001.
2003 Micro-ball mounter developed.
Overseas subsidairy Athlete Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. established.
2005 Privately-placed bond worth 300 million yen issued.
2007 Microball Mounter(BM-1100)got the prize for Promoting Machine Industry hosted by Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry.
2009 Management principle and Management policy established.
2010 CSP-capable Micro Ball Mounter(BM-4100) launched.
Developed ultrasonic reflow oven and exhibited at Semicon Japan show.
2011 High speed Pick & Place system AP-1000,Pick & Place with inspection system AP-2000.
2013 One-piece substrate- and aggregate substrate-capable BGA/CSP ball mounter (BA-1700) launched.
Ultralow load-capable flip-chip bonder (CB-600) launched.
2014 A series of laser-marking devices launched.
2015 Ag Sinter system launched.
2016 Improved version of CB-600 flip-chip bonders (CB-610, CB-620) launched.
2017 Improved version of BM-1300 micro-ball mounter (BM-1400) launched.


・5 minutes from Suwa IC by car, 15 minutes from Kamisuwa station by car, 10 minutes from Chino station by car.