Achieved in mounting φ30μm solder balls on
φ12 Wafer for the first time in the world

For the first time in the world, we have achieved in mounting a solder ball under the conditions of φ30 μm diameter / 50 μm pitch for φ12 wafer.

With the spread of remote work and the rise of big data / AI technology,
the amount of data processing has increased explosively.

And as processing speeds are required more than ever, it is expected to be used for increasing cutting-edge CPUs and for ultra-fine, high-density mounting of advanced logic such as graphics / AI chips
(The photo below is the photo after reflow)

リフロー後ウェーハ リフロー後マップ


This technology has been developed in collaboration with Seria corporation,
and the printing technology is published in the Electronic Device Industry Newspaper.
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