Management Principle

We at Athlete FA create “ Future Arts ”

Management Policy

To promote the “ Future Arts ” creation we ...

  • 1. Create customer value
    • We aim to become a highly trusted company responding to customers with vitally needed technologies.
  • 1. Focus on technologies
    • Establishment of high-performance “ Element Technologies. ”
    • Development of highly efficient “ Engineering Technologies. ”
    • Enhancement of highly sensitive “ Marketing. ”
  • 1. Strive for improvement with a broad view
    • We strive to improve to enhance our value while broadening our horizons
      to perform our duties effectively and efficiently.
Quality Policy
  • Understand customer needs and give top priority
    to customer satisfaction.
  • Carry out PDCA speedily.
  • Match the vectors of all employees and act as one.

We specifically do the following:

  1. 1. Consider social significance and market needs, and make it appropriate for the purpose.
  2. 2. Surely meet customer requirements, legal and regulatory requirements,
           further, improve the quality management system continuously.
  3. 3. Set quality goals and deploy them internally, and check their achievement status.
           Review as necessary.
  4. 4. This policy should be understood and implemented company-wide.
  5. 5. We will continue to review it so that it is appropriate.
Environmental Policy

We, Athlete FA that is the maker who is the developer, the designer and the manufacture
for Semiconductor assembling and packaging equipment and Electric component assembling equipment,
will target the harmony between company activities and earth environment,
will take the positive action towards the good use of natural resources and the prevention
from environmental pollution and will take the social responsibility as a good corporation.

  1. 1. We will establish the environmental objective and the environmental target within the range
           that is available technically and economically so that we can improve the environmental effect continuously.
           We, especially, will cope with the save of natural resources and electric power and separating and disposing
           of the wastes as well as the development and the fabrication of the products which match the environment.
  2. 2. We will follow the legal regulations and rules and will try our best to prevent from the pollution.
  3. 3. Our top management will review the status and will execute the environmental inspection every year
           so that we can improve the system of the environmental management drastically.